Below you can find a short astronomical-biography and a summary of my recent work. Click on ``Learn More'' for a complete Curriculum Vitæ.

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My research is mainly focused on the study of quasars and blazars from the local Universe up to the the end of the Cosmic dark ages, at z>7. In particular, I am interested in their clustering properties and in the study of the circum-galactic medium.

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See NASA/ADS or ORCID for a complete list of my publications.

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A Short Biography

I am an observational astronomer and I am currently based at GEMINI as Associate Scientist. I strictly collaborate with the ENIGMA group led by Joe Hennawi at UCSB and with the Pan-STARRS team quasars led by Fabian Walter at MPIA. I did my PhD at the Università degli Studi dell'Insubria and my undergraduate studies at the Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca (with some months at the Universität Zürich).

My Latest Work

My research mainly focuses on the study of the brightest classes of active galactic nuclei (namely quasars and blazars) during a large fraction of cosmic time: from the local Universe out to the end of the cosmic dark ages at z>7. In the last years, I have explored the environment where these extremely luminous objects reside by exploiting a variety of techniques: broad-band optical and near-infrared imaging, as well as long-slit, multi-object, and integral field spectroscopy. In particular, my scientific interests can be broadly divided into two main topics: the study of the first quasars at z>6 and the detailed investigation of the quasar circum-galactic medium at z≈2.