Selected Referred Publications

See NASA/ADS or ORCID for a complete list.

The REQUIEM Survey I: A Search for Extended Ly-Alpha Nebular Emission Around 31 z>5.7 Quasars

Farina E. P., Arrigoni-Battaia F., Costa T., Walter F., Hennawi J. F., et al., 2019

Resolving the Host Galaxy of a Distant Blazar with LBT/LUCI1 + ARGOS

Farina E. P., Georgiev I. Y., Decarli R., Terzić T., Busoni L., Gässler, et al., 2018

An 800 million solar mass black hole in a significantly neutral universe at redshift 7.5

Bañados E., Venemans B. P., Mazzucchelli C., Farina E. P., Walter F., Feige W., et al., 2018

Physical Properties of 15 Quasars at z>6.5

Mazzucchelli C., Bañados E., Venemans B. P., Decarli R., Farina E. P., Walter F., et al., 2017

Mapping the Lyman-Alpha Emission Around a z≈6.6 QSO with MUSE: Extended Emission and a Companion at Close Separation

Farina E. P., Venemans B. P., Decarli R., Hennawi J. F., Bañados E., Walter F., et al., 2017

No overdensity of Lyman Alpha Emitting Galaxies around a quasar at z≈5.7

Mazzucchelli C., Bañados E., Decarli R., Farina E. P., Venemans B. P., Walter F., et al., 2016

The Molecular Wind in the Nearest Seyfert Galaxy Circinus Revealed by ALMA

Zschaechner L. K., Walter F., Bolatto A., Farina E. P., Kruijssen J. M. D., Leroy A., et al., 2016

The Pan-STARRS1 distant z>5.6 quasar survey: more than 100 quasars within the first Gyr of the Universe

Bañados E., Venemans B. P., Decarli R., Farina E. P., Mazzucchelli C., Walter F., et al., 2016

The Cluster-Scale Environment of PKS 2155-304

Farina E. P., Fumagalli M, Decarli R., Fanidakis N., 2016

Bright [CII] emission in a quasar host galaxy at z=6.54

Bañados E., Decarli R., Walter F., Venemans B. P., Farina E. P., Fan X., et al., 2015

The identification of z-dropouts in Pan-STARRS1: three quasars at 6.5<z<6.7

Venemans B. P., Bañados E., Decarli R., Farina E. P., Walter F., Chambers K. C., et al., 2015

The extent of the MgII absorbing circumgalactic medium of quasars

Farina E. P., Falomo R., Scarpa R., Decarli R., Treves A., Kotilainen J. K., 2014

Caught in the act: discovery of a physical quasar triplet

Farina E. P., Montuori C., Decarli R., Fumagalli M., 2013

Reclassification of the nearest quasar pair candidate: SDSS J15244+3032-RXS J15244+3032

Farina E. P., Falomo R., Treves A., Decarli R., Kotilainen J. K., Scarpa R., 2013

On the cool gaseous haloes of quasars

Farina E. P., Falomo R., Decarli R., Treves A., Kotilainen J. K., 2013

On the redshift of the blazar PKS 0447-439

Fumagalli M., Furniss A., O'Meara J. M., Prochaska J. X., Williams D. A., Farina E. P., 2012

The optical spectrum of PKS 1222+216 and its black hole mass

Farina E. P., Decarli R., Falomo R., Treves A., Raiteri C. M., 2012

A study of six low-redshift quasar pairs

Farina E. P., Falomo R., Treves A., 2011

... and more ...

LBT/LUCI1 + ARGOS data of the blazar HESS J1943+213 are available here.

Some press releases and research highlights on our REQUIEM survey: ESO, MPIA, MPA, and INAF.

E-poster on the REQUIEM survey presented at EWASS 2019.

LBT/LUCI2 + ARGOS Ks-band image of the quasar P323+12 is available here.

Slides of the talk given in Birmingham at the workshop Cosmic Mergers from Massive Black Holes to Massive Clusters.

Video of the talk about high-z quasars discovered with the Pan-STARRS is here, ask Eduardo for further details.

Slides of the talk given in Trieste at the conference Interacting Galaxies and Binary Quasars: A Cosmic Rendezvous.

See some nice press releases on the discovery of the quasar triplet QQQ J1519+0627: CAHA, RAS, and LA Times.

Photometric and Spectroscopic data for PKS 1222+216 are available here.

My talk about the optical spectra of PKS 1222+216 given at IAC is here.

PhD Thesis: Physical and Projected Pairs of Quasars
(under the supervision of Treves A.).
I have investigated the properties of the cool gas and of the dark matter that surround quasars using optical spectroscpy of physical and projected quasar pairs.

MSc Thesis: Globular Cluster Systems in Virgo Cluster's Dwarf Galaxies
(under the supervision of Colpi M., Gavazzi G., and Giordano L.).
I have used multiwavelength HST and SDSS imaging to study the colors distribution of the globular cluster (GC) and of the nuclear star clusters (NSC) of dwarf galaxies in the Virgo Cluster. I have probed the effects of the cluster environment on galaxies comparing GCs' and NSCs' properties with the ones of the average galactic stellar population.

BSc Thesis: Gravitational encounters of BH binaries in globular cluster
(under the supervision of Colpi M. and Devecchi B.).
I have simulated the dynamical effects of gravitational encounters between binary black holes on the early evolution of globular clusters.