Publications and Presentations

Farina et al. (2019)The REQUIEM survey I: A Search for Extended Lyα Nebular Emission Around 31 z>5.7 Quasars.
Presentation of the survey and analysis of the first 31 cubes.

Feeding the first supermassive black holes.
MPIA Science Release Dec. 2019.

Quell'alone attorno ai primi quasar.
INAF Science Release Dec. 2019 (in Italian).

Cool dense hydrogen gas around the first quasars.
MPA Research Highlight for Nov. 2019.

Sep. 2019 — KIAA Forum on Gas in Galaxies 2019 [Beijing, People's Republic of China].
The REQUIEM survey: a statistical study of the quasars CGM at the Cosmic Dawn.

The `REQUIEM' acronym has been exploited for an (unrelated) survey of quiescent galaxies: