The Sample

Currently, our sample consists of 31 quasars in the redshift range 5.77<z<6.62 located in the southern sky. Observations have been collected with the MUSE instrument on the VLT telescope YEPUN as a part of the ESO programs: 60.A-9321(A, Science Verification), 094.B-0893(A, PI: Venemans), 095.B-0419(A, PI: Roche), 095.A-0714(A, PI: Karman), 099.A-0682(A, PI: Farina), 0101.A-0656(A, PI: Farina), 0103.A-0562(A, PI: Farina), and 297.A-5054(A, PI: Decarli).

The REQUIEM survey sample

These quasars have an average redshift of z=6.22 and an average absolute magnitude of M1450=-26.9mag. Among these, only J2228+0110 is a confirmed radio-loud quasar. For most of our targets, sensitive ALMA observations of the [CII] fine-structure line and of the underlying dust continuum have been collected (Decarli et al. 2017, 2018, Venemans et al. 2018).

Name z M1450 Exp. Time Prog. ID Ref.
J0305-31506.6145-26.12 8640 094.B-0893F17; F19
P323+12 6.5881-27.06 29640101.A-0656F19
P231-20 6.5864-27.1411856 099.A-0682M19; D19; F19
P036+03 6.5412-27.28 29640101.A-0656F19
J2318-31136.4435-26.06 29640101.A-0656F19
P183+05 6.4386-26.98 2964 099.A-0682F19
J0210-04566.4323-24.47 29640103.A-0562F19
J2329-03016.4164-25.19 7170 60.A-9321D19; F19
J1152+00556.3643-25.30 29640103.A-0562F19
J2211-32066.3394-26.66 29640101.A-0656F19
J0142-33276.3379-27.76 29640101.A-0656F19
J0100+28026.3258-29.09 29640101.A-0656F19
J1030+05246.3000-26.9323152 095.A-0714D19; F19
P308-21 6.2341-26.2917784 099.A-0682F19
P065-26 6.1877-27.21 29640101.A-0656F19
P359-06 6.1722-26.74 29640101.A-0656F19
J2229+14576.1517-24.72 29640103.A-0562F19
P217-16 6.1498-26.89 29640101.A-0656F19
J2219+01026.1492-22.54 29640103.A-0562F19
J2318-30296.1458-26.16 29640101.A-0656F19
J1509-17496.1225-27.09 29640101.A-0656F19
J2216-00166.0962-23.82 29640103.A-0562F19
J2100-17156.0812-25.5013338 297.A-5054M19; D19; F19
J2054-00056.0391-26.15 38690101.A-0656F19
P340-18 6.01 -26.36 29640101.A-0656F19
J0055+01466.0060-24.76 29640103.A-0562F19
P009-10 6.0039-26.50 29640101.A-0656F19
P007+04 6.0008-26.59 29640101.A-0656F19
J2228+01105.9030-24.4740950 095.B-0419D19; F19
J1044-01255.7847-27.32 29640103.A-0562F19
J0129-00355.7787-23.83 29640103.A-0562F19